Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Board of Directors unanimously voted the close all operations at Highlands Golf Club effective March 16, 2020. We all need to do our part to stop the break of this virus, and closing the Club was the responsible decision.

This unfortunately has meant that all our hourly staff as well as some year-round staff have been temporarily laid off. These folks contribute greatly to Highlands and help make your experience and membership the best it can be. These staff now have uncertainty on what their future looks like, and many will have difficulties paying their upcoming bills.

Support will be coming from the government, but this will take time. Not all of these staff have the ability to wait. If you would like to contribute (any amount you feel comfortable with – no amount is too small!), please use the form below. We will charge this amount to your Highlands account. A small ad-hoc committee has been formed that will ensure there is proper oversight to these funds. We will work to quickly to get these funds into the hands of the employees who need it, with 100% of all contributions going directly to these staff members.

Please enter your phone number and we will contact you to arrange payment.